The Diviners

The Cocktail: The Bees Knees
Hey you jazzy people! Welcome back to Booze&Books where we make drinks and read stuff! And when I say we I mean me and my dog… Cheers to post grad life. This week’s  book selection takes place in the 1920s, and so does our cocktail. “The Bees Knees” was a common phrase in the roaring twenties, and in our book. It means ‘The Shit’ essentially. If you thought something was super cool, it was the bees knees! So let’s dive in.

2oz gin
.75oz fresh lemon juice
.5oz honey syrup (honey w/a little water)
1 lemon twist

Add all ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice.
Shake, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with a lemon twist.

The Book: The Diviners by Libba Bray
Hiya folks! we’re going to try something a little different this week. Instead of telling you every detail of the book, I’m going to review it. So here goes.

This week’s book is what we in the nerd world consider young adult literature, or YA lit for short. I don’t know why but YA lit has this stigma about it among English students. Maybe we were just so busy writing papers about Moby Dick and Jane Eyre that we forgot to read stuff for fun. Not that reading either of those books was a long tedious process whatsoever…

I love YA lit. I especially love Libba Bray and meeting her in real life would be my dream come true. So, if by some impossible chance you’re reading this Libba, I’m your biggest fan. Holla. That being said, the only reason I read The Diviners is because I reread Bray’s Gemma Doyle trilogy which I will also feature this coming fall. So I needed a new book of hers to obsess over. Bray has a unique talent of bringing 21st century humor to period pieces. Her main character Evie is hella easy to relate to even though she is able to see people’s past just by touching them or one of their belongings. So let’s get into it.

When Evie O’Neil gets herself in trouble at a birthday party, her parents decide it’s best to send her off to NYC with her Uncle Will. New York is where Evie learns about herself and her spooky connection to the weird occult-ish murders happening across town.

I could not put this book down. Evie is an energetic teen with the 1920s spunk to boot. At 23, reading Evie reminded me of all the trouble I got into at 16…Jk I read books and spent Friday nights with my lovely parents. Maybe I was able to relive my ideal high school days through Evie, but the book was about more than a girl who frequents speakeasies and crushes on cute guys. Evie becomes a real force of nature while she and her uncle help investigate murders. She’s smart and curious about the world around her. In fact, spoiler alert, she solves the mystery. She’s one of those strong female characters that tells young girls it’s ok to be girly, and outsider, and a bad ass. And I think we need more of those.

So who would I recommend The Diviners to? Gals and guys of all ages…within reason. I don’t think a 56 year old investment banker would enjoy this as much as someone going through puberty, but I don’t judge. So pour yourself a cocktail, cozy on up in your favorite spot on a stormy night and get to reading, because this book is the bees knees.

There is a sequel to The Diviners and its called Lair of Dreams which I will be reading as soon as humanly possible.

Sources: Libba Bray Website The Bees Knees 1920s Slang



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